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“NURTURE A.R.T. Self” – Adolescent Mental Health and Art Therapy International Conference 2016 (Hong Kong)

会议报告: “培育艺术自我” – 未成年人心理健康和艺术治疗2016香港国际会议


Grace WY Chan, Tristan NC Chan, Hoi Lam Tang, Sarah MM Tong

Art therapy is becoming a popular topic in the metropolitan city of Hong Kong. The attention it attracts often correlates to the heightened awareness of mental health issues - particularly the rise of adolescent suicide cases and the overwhelmingly high number of young people reportedly affected by both anxiety and depression. As school officials and health care administrators look to different measures to deal with these issues - such as better life education and planning to support the development of teenagers - the general public now wonders if art therapy could be an alternative means of treating and supporting adolescent mental health. In the hope of educating the public about art therapy and promoting its healing power, HKAAT* and CFSC co-hosted the “NURTURE A.R.T. Self” Art Therapy Conference in Hong Kong last year, exploring the scope of practices that art therapy brings to addressing such issues of adolescent mental health. The conference attracted nearly 200 participants and featured over 20 lectures and workshops that were presented by both local and overseas practitioners and scholars. Its aims were to foster an intellectual exchange of research methods and therapy practice insights and to provide an in-depth review of the application of art therapy in a variety of groups – specifically in the treatment of such psychological issues such as self-mutilation, domestic violence and depression.


Grace WY Chan

Tristan NC Chan

Hoi Lam Tang

Sarah MM Tong

1 Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists

1 HKAAT – Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists, website:


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