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Report on the 1st International Symposium of Creative Arts Education and Therapy


DOI https://doi.org/10.15534/CAET/2016/1/23

Zoe Moula

The first International Symposium of Creative Arts Education and Therapy (ISCAET) took place in Beijing, on the 6th to 8th of May, 2016. This event was presented by the Inspirees Institute and the Creative Arts Education and Therapy – Eastern and Western Perspectives (CAET) journal, and hosted by the Beijing Normal University in partnership with the School of Art and Communication and the Dance Department. Additional organisers were the Association of Creative Movement in Italy, the Music Therapy Center and the Central Conservatory of Music in China as well as the Wuxi Mental Health Hospital and the China Open University.

Approximately 150 professionals from diverse cultural, social, educational and language backgrounds participated in the symposium to share and disseminate their expertise in the arts, education and therapy. Participants were dance, drama, music and play therapists, teachers, researchers and practitioners whose target was to further stimulate and develop this scientific field. A combination of long and short presentations, posters and workshops provided a better understanding of the knowledge stemming from continents around the world – America, Europe, Asia and Australia – in an attempt to bridge West and East.

In the present report, a description will be given regarding the context of the symposium, various educational and therapeutic approaches and the people to whom they can be applied, as well as challenges and recommendations to be considered for future projects.

第一届国际创造性艺术教育和治疗研讨会(ISCAET)于2016年5月6日至8日在北京举 行。本届研讨会由亿派学院和《创造性艺术教育和治疗-东西方视角》(CAET)期刊与 北京师范大学艺术与传媒学院舞蹈系合作举办。其他协办组织机构包括意大利创意舞动 协会、中央音乐学院/中国音乐治疗中心、无锡精神卫生中心和中国国家开放大学。

来自不同文化、社会、教育、语言背景的大约150名专业人士参加了这次研讨会,分享 和传播他们在艺术教育和治疗的专业知识。与会者包括舞蹈、戏剧、音乐和游戏的治疗 师、教师、研究人员和从业人员,其目标是进一步促进和发展这一学科领域。长短结合 的演讲、海报和工作坊等形式的组合提供了更好地了解来自世界各大洲 - 美洲、欧洲、亚洲和澳洲的知识,并架起沟通东西方的桥梁。

本报告在研讨会的背景下,对不同的教育和治疗方法、适用的人群,以及未来的工作和 项目需考虑的挑战和建议进行了描述。

Zoe Moula

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