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Karen K. Bradley, Tony Y. Zhou

This article provides an overview of the origins, purposes, outcomes, applications, and aspirations of the Certification Program in Laban Movement Studies, a program offered in various locations around the world but centered in New York City. The body/mind integration and holistic approach has been reflected in the Laban theory, making it accessible and valuable for both the Western and Eastern scholars and practitioners.


Karen K. Bradley 1

Tony Y. Zhou 2

1 Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, USA

2 Inspirees Institute, China

1 Equity, A. F. (2015, August 31). Performance Style Research. Retrieved August 31, 2015, from Association for Cultural Equity:

2 Tortora, S. (2005). The Dancing Dialogue: Using the Communicative Power of Movement with Young Children. Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing.

3 Hodgson, J. (2001). Theoretical Foundations. In Mastering movement: the life and work of Rudolf Laban (pp. 55-78), New York: Routledge


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