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Book Review on Attunement in Expressive Arts Therapy: Towards an Understanding of Embodied Empathy by Mitchell Kossak



Lai Ka Kit

“… say a client is wearing a color the therapist does not like – then how will this affect the therapeutic interaction?” (Kossak, 2015, p. 100) I laughed. How would you as a therapist respond to that scenario? When colors are also vibration, how would you describe the above experience for you – as attunement or misattunement?

This is a book on Attunement and Embodied Empathy in Expressive Arts Therapy. I was both delighted and challenged when asked to write a review on the book. The experience in a workshop in Hong Kong with Professor Mitchell Kossak about two years ago has left traces on my body that make me delighted … but now, could I really understand his more than 30 years of wisdom on the subject of attunement and be able to respond to it?

“… 假若案主穿了一件治療師不喜歡的顔色的衣服, 這將會如何影響著兩人治療的關係?”(Kossak, 2015, p. 100) 我禁不住笑了。作為一個治療師你會如何回應以上的情況? 如果顔色是空氣中的震盪, 你會怎麼樣去形容上面的經驗 - 同調還是失調?

這是一本關於同調與具身化共情的表達藝術治療專書。對於被邀請為此撰寫介紹評論感到喜悅與挑戰。曾參加作者在香港舉辦的工作坊, 兩年前的經驗仍然在身體

Lai Ka Kit

1 Kunst EXA Training and Consulting, Hong Kong

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