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Creative Arts in Education and Therapy is published jointly by Inspirees International and Quotus publishing o. The following instructions apply to all publications on our platform. For al full list of our titles visit the Quotus homepage.

How to register as a library administrator

If you have already registered for an account for any one of Quotus’ journals, you can use that to administer also Creative Arts in Education and Therapy.

If you do not yet have an account for Quotus Publishing, you can set one up here – it is free, of course. Once you have registered, inform us at about the institution you request administration rights for. We will then set up your administration rights.

As an administrator, you will be able to:

  • Download usage reports
  • Check your institution’s IP address range
  • Check the list of library administrators registered for your institution


Quotus Publishing offers the following authentication options:

  • IP address – the standard process for institutions
  • Username/password – an alternative e.g. for membership organizations or for staff working outside their institution’s IP range.
    (Individual users will be associated with their institution, und thus share the same access rights after login in.)
  • We are working to implement Shibboleth authentication in the course of 2015.

In order to check your institution’s IP range, sign in with your username and password, go to “Admin” and select your institution.

If you feel you should have access to content on Quotus Publishing, but you have not, Please contact

OpenURL Linking 

Quotus Publishing supports OpenURL Linking, allowing you to facilitate seamless linking to our content. The following table provides query parameters supported by Quotus Publishing.



Sample Value


Type of document, such as journal or book



Print serial number for a journal



Online serial number for a journal 



Publication year



Volume number



Publication title

" Max Weber Studies"


Issue number



Starting page number


Below are some examples of how you can link your content to different publication types:

  • Linking to a journal list of issues with online issn:
  • Linking to an issue table of contents with online issn:
  • Linking to an article abstract:

How to write ISSNs:

  • You can provide eISSNs and ISSNs with our without hyphen: “2056-4074” works just like “20564074”.
  • An “X”in ISSNs may be in upper case or in lower case. “2451-876X” works just like “2451-876x”.

Link resolver / KBART

Quotus Publishing works with link resolver vendors to ensure their knowledge bases are updated. Our data files follow the recommendations issued by KBART.

If you like to make sure your link resolver has the relevant information, email the name of the link resolver to And we will ensure they have the required information.

You can also download our KBART files directly at LINK to KBART file

Usage reports

Quotus Publishing provides usage reports following the COUNTER code of practice. Library account administrators can download the following reports in their administration section:

  • Journal Report 1
    (Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal)
  • Journal Report 5
    (Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Year-of-Publication (YOP) and Journal)

License information

Terms and conditions of access are determined by our site license. Should you wish to make any amendments to our site agreement, please contact

You can download the site license here:

German Version

English Version

Pricing information

You can download our current journal- and pricing information as an Excel spreadsheet or as a PDF file:

Excel format

PDF format

Free trials can be arranged. Please contact

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