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Creative Arts Education and Therapy (CAET) webinar series: History, Applications and Frontiers

Following the success of our webinar series Laban – History, Applications and Frontiers launched in 2017 and has attracted audience worldwide, we are planning a second series titled “Creative Arts Education and Therapy – History, Applications and Frontier

Following the success of our webinar series Laban – History, Applications and Frontiers, which was launched in 2017 and has attracted audience worldwide, we are planning a second series titled “Creative Arts Education and Therapy – History, Applications and Frontiers”.  We are inviting some of the most influential and promising educators and therapists to deliver the online presentations. This year-long program aims at bringing the professionals in the arts education and therapy field together throughout the world to stimulate a critical dialogue and facilitate networking to strengthen our profession, in line with the mission of CAET journal (  

The whole series has several modules in the education and therapy related to different art forms of music, drama, dance, expressive art, poetry and play. Each module consists of 3-10 seminars. Every seminar is one hour in total, including 40-45min lecture plus 15-20min Q&A session. All sessions are live and recorded, so as to be available for future instruction and learning. For this to happen, we have recruited a team to support the technical and logistic aspects of the sessions.

In the meantime, our Laban series run till Oct 2018.  The CAET series, consisting of 35 webinars, will be launched in the second half of the year and will run through 2020.  We will confirm the schedule of the speakers in our final plan. From these webinar presenters, we will eventually select the speakers for the International Conference in Arts and Health (ICAH) held live in Europe and China. In addition, part of the revenues from this webinar series will be used to sponsor some speakers and participants to attend the ICAH.

On behalf of Inspirees Institute, CAET journal and our partner institutions, I invite you to join us for this exciting new venture.

Tony Zhou
PhD, CMA (Certified Movement Analyst)
Executive Editor, Founder







Module 1

Music Therapy


  1. Annette Heiderscheit


Augsburg College

Music therapy in global perspectives

  1. Chen Xijing


Chinese Academy of Sciences

Music therapy development in China

  1. Min-Jeong Bae

South Korea

Myongji University

Music therapy development in South Korea


Module 2

Drama therapy


  1. Chang Hsiao-hua


National Taiwan University of Arts

Drama education and therapy in Taiwan

  1. Clive Holmwood


Derby University

Drama education and therapy: interface

  1. Robert Landy


New York University

Drama therapy in US

  1. Pan Dunne*


Drama Therapy Institute

The healing drama and poetry

  1. Phil Jones


Institute of Education, University College London

Drama education and therapy for children

Module 3

Art therapy


  1. Debra Kalmanowitz


University of Social Science & Arts

Art therapy in global perspectives

      10. Guo Haiping/Hans Looijen

China/The Netherlands

Nanjing Outsider Art Studio/ Het Dolhuys

Outsider arts in China and Europe

      11. Susan Hogan


Derby University

Art therapy in Europe

      12. Miao Shiming



Development of art therapy with Chinese perspectives

      13. Amanda Levey

New Zealand

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design

Art therapy in New Zealand

Module 4

Dance therapy


      14. Diana Fischman


Brecha Center

Dance Movement Psychotherapy perspective from South Americans  

      15. Elissa White


Pratt Institute

The history of dance therapy in US

      16. Helen Payne


University of Hertfordshire

BodyMind Approach for medically unexplained symptoms

      17. Iris Braeuninger


University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education Zürich

Evidence-based research in dance therapy

      18. Kim Dunphy


The University of Melbourne

Assessing outcomes of dance movement therapy

      19. Vincenzo Puxeddu


European Association of Dance movement therapy (EADMT)

Working as male therapist in dance movement therapy




Module 5

Integrated arts therapy


      20. Fran Levy


American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)

Multi modal dance therapy

      21. KK Lai*

Hong Kong


Expressive arts therapy in Hong Kong

      22. Steve Harvey

New Zealand/US

Guam University

Physical Conversations between the East and West: An Arts Based Inquiry into the Cross Cultural Emotional Climate

      23. Gong Shu


Suzhou University

Expressive arts therapies with Chinese perspectives

      24. Sarah Owen


Eden Academy

Dance Movement Therapy and Music Therapy; a marriage of empathy in the special school setting

     25. Irina Biryukova


Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis

Arts therapy in Russia


     26. Mitchell Kossak


Lesley University

Attunement in Expressive Arts Therapy: Towards an Understanding of Embodied Empathy 

Module 6

Arts & Neuroscience


     27. David Leventhal


Mark Morris Dance Group

Dance for Parkinson

     28. Dick Swaab

The Netherlands

The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Art and Brain – A neuroscientist’s perspective

     29. Karen Bradley*

     30. Sue Jennings



Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS)

Derby University

Laban movement analysis and neuroscience

Neuroscience of Dramatic Play’


Module 7

Arts, Culture & Society



      31. Tian Tian


Beijing Dance Academy

Teaching Chinese classical dance in US

      32. Joan Wittig/Amanda Yang


Pratt Institute

Ethical issues across the cultures in therapy

      33. Li Ming


Dept of Psychology, Beijing Forestry University

Bentuhua: putting psychotherapy work in the Chinese culture

      34. Peng Yong-wen


Shanghai Theater Academy

Poetry therapy: the experiences of US and the tradition of China

      35. Tina Chen/Dong Fang


Tongji University/Eastern China Normal University

Dance and Music education in Chinese university: tradition and innovation

      36. Zi Fei


Dept of Psychology, Beijing Forestry University

Psychology and Creative Thinking: Contribution of Preschool experience to creativity

      37. Andrew Greenwood

UK/The Netherlands

Dance and Creative Wellness

Dance for the health – A EU social-economic module for health management

      38. Ruben van Leer

The Netherlands

Ruben van Leer Film Production

Symmetry movie – When art meets science

Advisory board

  • Marcia Plevin, Founder, Creative Movement Association, Italy/US
  • Sue Jennings, Professor, Derby University, UK
  • Ji Jianlin, Professor, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, China
  • Sophie Wang, Founder and CEO, SF Psychology Media, China
  • Vicky Karkou, Professor, Edge Hill University, UK
  • Teresa Torres de Eça, Open University of Lisbon and University of Algarve, Portugal,  President of the International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA)
  • Alexander Kopytin, Russian Art Therapy Association, World Psychiatric Association, Russia
  • Mimma Della Cagnoletta, University of Milan, Association Art Therapy Italiana, Italy
  • Ma Li-wen, Professor, Applied Drama and Expressive Arts Education Centre, Beijing Normal University, China

 Event organizers

  • Inspirees Institute
  • CAET journal
  • Chinese Arts Therapy Group, Chinese Psychological Association

 Event partners

 * To be confirmed

About the organizers

Inspirees Institute

Inspirees Institute is an international training institute specializing in creative arts education and therapy.  Based in Europe and China, we have been an innovator with global visions and various certification training programs in China since 2006. The Laban Certification Program in partnership with LIMS is the first such program in Asia. Our dance movement therapy certification program is in full compliance with the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) alternate route training guidelines.  Besides, we have Creative Movement (Garcia-Plevin Method®) Certification program and Dance for Parkinson’s Disease (DfPD®) Certification program.  We publish the international peer reviewed journal CAET and have translated and published two mayor books Dance movement therapy – A Healing Art (Fran Levy), Everybody is a Body (Karen Studd, Laura Cox) in Chinese.

CAET Journal

Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (CAET): Eastern and Western Perspectives is an international peer-reviewed journal for artists, educators and therapists who use and integrate creative and expressive arts in their work. The journal’s focus is the discussion of perspectives, theory-based applications and practical results on issues concerning West and East. The journal fosters dialogue between East and West, and supports cross-disciplinary cooperation and research between creative arts and education, therapy, psychology, medicine, and other related fields. CAET publishes two issues per year reaching the mainstream as well as major institutions such as the National Library of China, Royal Dutch National Library, Chinese Central Conservatory of Music, Art Therapy Italiana, Lesley University, Hong Kong University, China Academy of Art, East China Normal University, etc.

Chinese Arts Therapy Group

The Chinese Group of Arts Therapy (CGAT) established in 2016, is under the guidance of the Committee of Clinical and Counseling Psychology (CCCP), the Chinese Psychological Society (CPS). CGAT is currently the only working group focusing on creative and expressive arts therapies in the Society.  CGAT was initiated and led by Dr. Tony Zhou, Executive Editor of CAET, along with six other experts from academic and clinical institutions who are on the executive board with two professors from Taiwan on the advisory board.  Under CGAT, four working sub-groups are being set up to cover four major categories, including art therapy, dance movement therapy, drama therapy and music therapy. One of the major goals of CGAT is to consolidate the above four areas and foster more collaboration among them, as well with other fields in China and abroad; this includes verbal psychotherapies, rehabilitation and arts.  CGAT will also be working closely with CCCP on the Clinical Psychology Registration for the credentials of the registered Chinese arts therapists.